Improving customer service by leveraging technology

The smallest solutions can sometimes yield the biggest returns...

You may have a process that's just leaking money. Perhaps you know about it. Perhaps not.

An example may be the best way to give you the idea.

Time... make it your friend!

Imagine for a moment you're in the cleaning business. You manage 25 buildings, with an average of 20 floors each.

You want to make sure washrooms in those buildings are always serviced without the cost of your people constantly inspect them.

People using them could call you and let you know there's one that needs attention but that is a costly investment of your time and theirs.

Let's estimate it to be 15 minutes, by the time they call you and you get in touch with a cleaner to get the job done.

If you were to calculate it out, this simple process would cost 6,000 hours per year.


What if, instead, you placed a simple button in each washroom that would automatically, when pressed, forward a request to a server.

That server would then send a text to a cleaner, who would then service the washroom. Once done, the cleaner would press the button again to indicate the request complete.

All the time for that request to be handled manually was just taken out of the equation. You saved 6000 hours of time, year in, year out.

You also didn't have to take time to run around and constantly inspect washrooms to keep your level of customer service where it should be. Bonus!

Avoid Disaster

IoT can also be used to avoid many disasters. Sensors of all kinds can be installed anywhere and monitored from your servers or the cloud.

For instance - you may want to make sure that if there is a water leak, members of your team are notified so that the damage can be minimized.

There are an endless number of sensors that can be used to reduce the risks you may be facing in your business or for your customer.

Monitor and track every asset

From inventory to machinery to shipments, containers and fleets, your business has critical assets. The more insight you have about these assets, the more opportunity you have to increase efficiency, reduce expense and improve your overall operations.

Track critical asset data including real-time location, historical location, motion, temperature and sound.

Deploy your way. You can have field-ready, customizable asset tracking solutions that can be re-configured on the fly.

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