Software to tune up your customer service process

Discover ways to get even more productivity out of your customer service process with effective apps and software solutions

Are you struggling with wanting to provide better customer service? Is the competition moving ahead because they have tech (that better supports customers) that you don't have?

Are you putting up with apps that only do part of the job? Have they outlived their usefulness? Or are your apps unable to exchange data with other software you have?

These kinds of challenges can make your cost of doing business higher than it ought to be. It also can put your competition ahead, especially if they already have solutions that help them provide better customer service.

For these and many other challenges, help is here!

How clients use our app services

The RBC and CIBC needed to provide a better service to their builder clients.

They had a mix of manual process, spreadsheets and a flurry of faxes, emails and texts to try to manage builder mortgage loans. The manpower and costs began to overwhelm as their business grew.

Builder clients were spending hundreds of hours calling, emailing and texting to find out the status of their projects.

Together, we deployed a new app to provide a real-time, online access to the information they needed. This helped their builder clients spent far less time getting even more done.

CIBC and RBC were happy too. They saved millions of dollars each year in the time and cost of program administration.

What is the process?

You may not be a RBC or CIBC but the same principles apply to improving customer service.

It starts with helping us understand your challenge and what you would like to accomplish. This is "the" key part of the process.

We then determine if we can help within the parameters of your budget.

When we can help, we will put together a presentation that will outline the details of a proposed solution and a timeline for its implementation.

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