About Us

Conspect Service Corp is a consulting company based in Calgary, Canada. We specialize in building apps that help clients improve their customer service and reduce operating costs. We’ve worked with companies like RBC, CAT, Gulf Oil, The Cooperators Insurance and CIBC.

Read on to learn about how two clients put us to work to help improve their customer service and save millions.

Major Canadian banks improved their customer service to keep customers and increase profits!

RBC and CIBC understood the importance of providing good tech to their customers — in this case, builders that needed to fund new home construction projects.

The banks harnessed new sales potential by asking Conspect to build an app where all partners (1500+ mortgage lenders, 650+ appraisers, dozens of funding managers and hundreds of builders) could easily access the information they needed for their part of each project. The banks also wanted to roll out the app to their customers across Canada.

The banks had a process which included the use of spread sheets, phone calls, faxes and emails to do their construction mortgage lending. The Conspect web app that replaced their process enabled each partner to enter information needed by other partners and access the information they needed, in real time.

Compared to their original process, the Conspect app enabled all this to happen at light speed.

They also called on Conspect to outsource their appraisal and inspection work. This added yet another level of efficiency to the builder lending process.

The key result was happy customers - builders loved how they could go on-line and find out how much funding was available to them, by project, at any time.

The bankers were also thrilled at the new efficiencies the new web app helped add to their process. They saved millions of dollars each year in admin costs, because the app was so far ahead of what they used before.

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